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 Few hours on pool 3

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PostSubject: Few hours on pool 3   Sun Jul 05, 2009 4:11 am

Had to really forse meself to go today Very Happy
OK a few hours on pool 3 crucians and roach
and these three fellows , Fished top two kits in the side sedges
with corn , corn you may ask Very Happy yea thought I'd try it
probably bet the last time also as my catch rate was right down Very Happy

Weighed the first one 6.oz and the others didn't bother as they were about the same .

This one was the best fighter of the day and the deepest ,

Blooming hard trying to get a good pic with only two hands Very Happy The fish don't play game and pose .

Then the rain came pack up and run that was me , don't like my brolly getting wet Very Happy
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Few hours on pool 3
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